Benefits to DC

caphillandguysRWW is a solution to reducing homelessness in DC—this means fewer individuals on the streets, in the shelter system, or returning to prison. Over 2,000 offenders return from prison back to the District each year. These individuals need programs that will keep them off the streets and engaged in positive activities to break the cycle of recidivism and keep them out of the District’s legal system—Ready, Willing & Working is that program.

Our program offers a practical and viable solution to reducing homelessness in DC. While It costs approximately $25,000 to keep a single adult in the District shelter system, upwards of $50,000 a year for an inmate to be incarcerated, RWW can train, counsel and educate a participant for around $2,500.

All the members of our team earn a living wage with excellent benefits. 70% of participants remain employed, independently housed, and drug-free after 3 years of entering the program.

Most of our participants will never sleep in a shelter or be incarcerated again.