What Labor Means to our “Men in Blue”

Labor Day is observed this Monday, September 5th. In the dictionary, labor is defined as: 1. a productive activity; 2. the body of persons engaged in such activity, especially those working for wages; and 3. physical or mental work.

To our “men in blue” of RWW, it means so much more.

It means working hard to turn their lives around.

It empowers them to break the cycles of homelessness, criminal recidivism and welfare dependency.

It means creating better lives for their children and families.

As we observe Labor Day this Monday, consider making a donation to Ready, Willing and Working in honor of the tremendous work put forth by the “men in blue” every day of the year. Your support is crucial in ensuring we can continue to provide the resources needed to help these men transform their lives. We now accept donations online, making it easier than ever to help support our cause.