Men & Women In Blue

liriope 2While the RWW participants desperately want to get back on their feet and become independent, contributing members of society again, many employers cannot see beyond their past record. Instead of giving these formerly homeless or incarcerated people a “hand out,” RWW provides them a “hand UP.”

By tapping the individual’s perseverance, dedication and desire to re-enter the workforce, RWW cultivates a personal commitment to and from the person, which creates long-term success. The benefits transfer beyond the individual, changing the relationship that person has with his family, his community and most of all, themself.

The RWW program is now the largest non-profit provider of clean team services in Washington, D.C. Since launching the program, scores of individuals have entered the program and nearly 70% of participants remain employed, independently housed and drug-free.

The supportive services RWW has established, including case management meetings, relapse prevention, Metro fare cards and other incentives, provide the tools necessary for the “men & women in blue” to gain the self-esteem and confidence they need to be successful.

Because of the positive environment of the Ready, Willing & Working program, I’ve been at my job for almost three years. Before I was lucky if I could keep a job for three months! I now contribute to society instead of being removed from it. I am able to live a life without crime and drugs. I am able to provide for my daughter, my fiancé and her two children. I can tell my kids that they can be anything they dream of, just as long as it is productive. Thank you, Ready, Willing & Working! – Antoine, Capitol Riverfront BID Clean Team Member

Learn how some of our “men in blue” have completely transformed their lives: