Re-post: RWW Scam Alert


We’ve received several calls over the last few weeks regarding a homeless individual in Downtown Washington, DC who has been asking people for money to enter our Ready, Willing & Working (RWW) program. The young man is claiming he had spent some time in local federal prisons and was now trying to get into the RWW program.  He said it required him to raise around $185.00 and is asking people for the money to help him out. According to witnesses, he was well spoken, polite and a good communicator.

RWW does not require homeless and formerly incarcerated individuals to pay money to get into our program. If you come across this individual, please do not give him any money and contact RWW President Patty Brosmer at 202-842-3333 ext. 11 or

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  1. Yes, I just met this black male last night, in his mid 30’s, 5 ft 10 inches, rarely will smile, seems very convincing, and I finally gave in by giving him money. He is certainly a good scam artist. He was in the Adams Morgan area, he had nice brand name clothing, ie “AnD-1” black socks, as he took off his shoes to try to prove he had some money, and needed more to enter the ready willing to work program. He got $20 from me :-). I’m a county commissioner from Minnesota, here for a NACo Conference.

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