RWW Clean Team Member Returns Lost Wallet to Grateful Resident

Last week, one of our clean team members, James, found a wallet on the 200 block of Massachusetts Avenue. We were able to track its owner down and she was kind enough to write the following in a thank-you letter to James.

“Dear Mr. Fye,

I am the owner of the wallet that you found while cleaning the street along the 200 block of Massachusetts Avenue on Monday. I want to express my profound gratitude for your honesty and thoughtfulness in safeguarding it and turning it in to Mr. Lee so it could be returned to me.

When I discovered it was missing, I was very upset and concerned that someone could have accessed my bank account and charged my credit card, and I just hoped that someone with integrity might have found it. I am so glad that it turned out that you were the one who found it because you clearly have great integrity and a kind, respectful heart.

I am a mom of three small boys, from 4 months to 4 years old, so, in addition to being worried about someone using my bank card or credit card, I was concerned about how I would find the time to replace all the other cards that were in my wallet, including my driver’s license, membership cards, and SmarTrip card. I told my sons about how sad I was that I had lost my wallet. Then, when I learned from Mr. Lee that you had found it and given it to him to return to me, I also told them that a nice, honest person had found my wallet and made it possible for me to get it back. I hope that my sons grow to have your integrity and kind heart, and would act just as you have done to help a stranger.

I greatly appreciate your actions in helping return my wallet – thank you from the bottom of my heart!”