Providing Opportunities | Clean Team Contracts

Providing contract Clean Team services to organizations across the District gives Ready, Willing & Working more opportunities to combat homelessness and provide work to the underemployed. Paid work opportunities with a holistic approach and supportive services through these contracts is life-changing to homeless and formerly incarcerated individuals.

Damon’s Success | Associate Director of Field Operations

Without Ready, Willing & Working, Damon says his life would be a whole lot different. As Associate Director of Field Operations, Damon now helps others experience that same life changing opportunity.

Extending Opportunities Across the Country | Work Works America Affiliate

The ability to extend opportunity to every willing heart is a core value for Ready, Willing & Working. We are proud to be founding members of Work Works America and serve as a blueprint to remove barriers and help elevate people out of poverty. To learn more, visit:

Much More than a Job | Wendy’s Story

Clean Team member Wendy Young was provided with all the furnishings she needed for her own apartment after being homeless for more than a year.

Class Act: Ready, Willing & Working’s in-house GED Program

This video debuted at the 11th Annual Magic & Miracles Gala highlighting our hard working GED program participants.

Honoring George and Harriet McDonald of The Doe Fund, New York

This video honoring our model program’s founders premiered at the 10th Annual Magic & Miracles.

#OffScriptOn9: A solution to homelessness in Washington, DC

Bruce Johnson of WUSA 9 shines a light on us!

The American Dream

The “American Dream” tells the stories of two men who have helped and been helped by RWW.

RWW is Love

RWW is Love premiered at The 8th Annual Magic & Miracles. Check it out and see how the love that Ready, Willing & Working provides is changing lives.

Contracting Services

While Ready, Willing & Working is a charity, we’re mostly in the business of providing opportunity to the homeless and formerly incarcerated, and top-notch service to our customers. Check out this video to see how we’re doing!

Honoring Kyle Bagbey

A film chronicling the successes and struggles of the late William Kyle Bagbey.

Another way to learn more about this program is to hear about it from “Men in Blue” themselves, along with some of our top supporters.