“My family and I have lived in Capitol Hill for over 5 years, and I’m writing to you to extend my appreciation and gratitude for the dedication, hard work, and neighborliness exhibited by one of your team members — Darnell Hinton.

I first met Darnell a couple of years ago when my car’s battery died on Barracks Row. He happened to be working the block when he noticed I was in need of assistance. To my surprise, Darnell and a coworker of his stopped what they were doing and committed themselves to assisting me. After consulting my owners manual, we walked several blocks to Darnell’s car, where he had jumper cables, so we could get the necessary tools to start my car. I recall being pressed for time because of an appointment, but Darnell’s pleasant and optimistic attitude turned a stressful situation into one that we could laugh at. I have a hybrid car so it’s not the most intuitive to jump, but with Darnell’s help, we got my car started and I was on my way.

More recently, I saw Darnell on Barracks Row cleaning the side walk and placing mulch in one of the tree planters on a cold, busy day. Despite the foot traffic and wind, Darnell was diligently focused on his work while also being pleasant to pedestrians who occasionally (inadvertently) kicked the mulch as they passed by.

I admire Darnell’s hard work and dedication to the neighborhood, and I wanted you to know that it doesn’t go unnoticed and makes a real difference in peoples’ lives. Thank you and Darnell for your continued efforts.”

Rudy, Capitol Hill Resident